August 3 in the Greenhouse - Alfred Smith's Farm

Fresh Now

Here's what's fresh this week, for pickup August 5-6, 2022.

  • Chard - The leafy "cousin" to beets. They are in the same Family, Genus and Species as beets but are eaten for their leaves. Very nice addition to many veggie dishes.
  • Cucumbers - Beautiful Corinto slicing cucumbers, 6-8" long.
  • Garlic Scapes - (Only available for a couple of weeks) - These grow out of the top of "hard-necked" varieties of garlic. They look like a curled scallion and taste like the combination of garlic and scallion. Great chopped and added to salads or thrown into a stir fry.
  • Kale, Green - Fresh out of the garden, these are quite tasty. I was never a big fan of kale until I tasted it freshly harvested.
  • Kale, Lacinto (Dinosaur or Tuscan)
  • Kohlrabi - This is my new favorite vegetable. Often I pull out my pocket knife and snack on the bulbous part of the stem right out in the field. It is so tasty, and versatile. It tastes similar to broccoli but much sweeter and juicier, especially when fresh. The leaves are also edible. We add them to our vegetable dishes, much like kale, chard or collard greens.
  • Microgreens - Basic Salad Mix (Arugula, Broccoli, Kale, Kohlrabi, Red Cabbage).

Online Shopping

Visit our online store to shop. We will be spending less time at the Farmer's Market this year so that we can spend more time farming. But, purchasing from the farm is easier than ever. You simply shop the online offering and then pick up at your preferred location (see below).

Shopping Hours and Pickup Locations

  • Hibbing Pickup - Shop 10 am Wednesday to 10 am Friday, for pickup at:
    • The Farm - Fridays, 4 to 7 pm. (3 miles east of Hibbing).
    • Hibbing Farmer's Market pickup - Saturdays, 9 to 10 am.
  • Virginia Pickup - Shop 10 am Wednesday to 10 am Thursday, for pickup at:
    • Virginia Farmer's Market - Thursdays 5 to 6 pm.